VDAB (Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding) is the Belgian governmental unemployment agency.  One of their responsibilities is to connect job seekers with educational programs to improve their job opportunities.

De Toeleidingswijzer (guidance for educational programs) is an internal tool to quickly filter the available programs based on specific user needs and requirements, to help mediators provide the right guidance for job seekers.






4 months


UX/UI Designer, Frontend

Toeleidingswijzer Hero image VDAB

Initially, VDAB mediators used PowerPoint to match educational programs to jobseekers. To standardise the way-of-working and create a more consistent source of truth of all available programs, these PowerPoints were redesigned into a new tool: de Toeleidingswijzer.

VDAB mediators and internal stakeholders were interviewed to understand their way-of-working. Low fidelity mockups were created to test assumptions in a second round of testing. Below you can find the final implementation of de Toeleidingswijzer.


Results page of the Toeleidingswijzer

The Toeleidingswijzer allows for two different use cases. Either the VDAB mediator selects the different criteria relevant for the jobseeker's situation, or they search directly for an educational program in the search bar.

Harmonica interaction Toeleidingswijzer

Closeup of a results page, with direct call to actions to book a specific program at a specific location.

Each program in the results has a multiple locations, organisers, and availability. In this design, mediators can enrol jobseekers directly from the results page, or open the detailed information pages for each program. 

The complex part of the tool was in displaying individual results. Each result has multiple entries, with different attributes that are each important for the mediator to make the right decision for the jobseeker. 

Instructions for functionality Toeleidingswijzer

Detailed view of different interactions within the Toeleidingswijzer

Each program is managed by different program owners (PO) in different regions of Belgium. To make sure the programs stay up to date, mediators can provide feedback directly from this page to the right person within VDAB. 

Option to give feedback

The dialog that allows mediators to give feedback directly to the program owner (PO)

In addition to the UX/UI design, part of the assignment also included to create the frontend in responsive HTML & CSS. Below you can find some visual references from the Toeleidingswijzer as it has been built. 


Toeleidingswijzer frontend built in HTML & CSS